Listen & Learn: Banjo

Learn bluegrass banjo by ear!

Learn banjo by ear with Listen & Learn: Banjo for iPad! Our easy-to-use method combines written notation and audio recordings so you're challenged to figure out notes and phrases by ear, but you still have a visual reference of where you are in the song.

Find the notes on your instrument, play them to your iPad, and you're rewarded with stars to unlock more difficult songs.

There are nine well known traditional bluegrass tunes included in Listen & Learn.

This is the perfect app for beginner to intermediate banjo players, and has everything you need to hone your chops, including:

- Instructional Videos
- Jam Tracks (with real instruments to play along with)
- Metronome
- Tuner
- Recorder

You also have the ability to speed up and slow down tracks, so you can more easily learn by ear and play along at different tempos.

If you're a banjo player looking to take your playing to the next level in a completely organic and efficient way, look no further than Listen & Learn: Banjo.

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Jump into learning immediately by finding the notes to songs using just your ears and instrument! Play the notes to your iPad and get rewarded.


As your ears get stronger and you figure out more notes, earn checks and stars to unlock more difficult songs.

Play along

Jam tracks are included for every song, so you can practice playing with a bluegrass band! You can speed up or slow down these tracks to play at varying tempos.

Banjo 101

New to the banjo? We have two tutorial videos on how to hold your instrument and how to read tab. Get started with Listen & Learn!

★★★★★ - "The most fun you can have with a banjo with your pants on!"
★★★★★ - "Must have for new banjo players, and people learning new songs"
★★★★★ - "Easy to use and has a great sound component."

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